Payment system

Paylando has a sufficient product catalog to be able to integrate to most machines and handle the most popular payment methods. Our devices can be connected via wireless network or network cable. We can supply devices that can read payment cards, NFC and tokens. As a customer, you don't necessarily need to know how your particular system works. Contact us and we can help you find out which Paylando product will work.

Charging stations for electric cars

We offer a payment solution for charging stations managed by the Monta platform for charging stations. We offer solutions for both existing charging stations and new charging stations. Paylando's solution is "plug-and-play" and Paylando solves the integration to the Monta platform.

Illustration av en Laddstationer

Payment terminal for laundry room

We have a payment terminal with an associated timer that can easily be connected to a laundry room. Perfect for the public laundry rooms or housing associations. With automatic payments, there's no need for users to queue up to exchange cash for tokens or coins, streamlining the laundry process and reducing wait times.



Tanning salons are the perfect place for a combination of timers and payment terminals as they promote self-service. Customers who want to tan want an easy way to pay for their tanning time. The entrepreneur wants a payment solution with as little administration as possible. Paylando has solutions!


Fairground wheel, chocolate wheel, wheel-of-fortune

Implementing an automatic payment system on devices like wheels of fortune, tivoli wheels, etc. offers numerous advantages like Convenience because users can easily pay for their game without the hassle of carrying cash or searching for change. This convenience encourages more people to participate in the attractions. With a frictionless payment system in place, customers may be more inclined to spend more on rides, leading to increased revenue for the operators.


Latrine pumps

We offer payment systems that can be connected to latrine pumps in marinas. The boat owner parks the boat at the pumping stations, pays at our contactless card reader and then the pump is activated.


Toilet door

When toilets need a payment solution, card payment is by far the best. The customer swipes their card, smart phone or smart watch. The door is unlocked and the toilet can be used. When the door is locked on the inside, it cannot be unlocked via the payment terminal.


Car wash

Car washing should be made as convenient as possible. We can provide payment terminals that integrate with car washes.


Private Parking

Automatic payment systems in private parkings provides numerous benefits: Users can pay for parking quickly and easily without the need for cash or waiting in line to pay at a booth. This convenience enhances the overall parking experience for customers. Electronic payments provide a more secure and traceable method of payment, protecting both users and parking operators.